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The CompanyKristiina Starck

Founder of LiKolo AB is Kristiina Starck. Her company develops and markets products that eases everyday life for you and your children. Brilliantly simple!
LiKolo AB and the brand liKolo® is expanding in the Swedish and also in to the European markets because of simple yet smart innovative products.
liKolo® products are created from every day problems and thereafter developed together with a professional team of consultants and companies that have the knowledge and experience of each and every respective field.
Word "liKolo" is a dialect from Överkalix (a village up north in Sweden) and means ladybird.
liKolo® Products
  1. LiftCart™
  2. Sitt&StandCart
  3. AirCart
  4. Liftpillow™
  5. Safesleep™
  6. Flowerpot cover
  7. 4Slice

liKolo® Products are tested and hold high quality. It is important for all parents with little children to have products that are durable.

- We todays mothers and fathers will offer our children the best. Those products and solutions that suited before, do not necessarily suite today. Product development has to therefore be fitted for todays parents needs. Mainly to ease the fast pace lifestyles, comments Kristiina Starck

- During LiftCart™, Liftpillow™ and Safesleep™ development hold we close childrens opinion about the products. Children give honest opinions and are therefore very demanding "customers". Children have shown our development team how important it is to listen to there opinion also, specially when they one of the users. Explains Kristiina Starck

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