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Sitt&StandCart Sitt&StandCart is a shoppingtrolley that has standingplace for older children and a sittingplace for a younger child. We have moved the sittingplace abit to the left to create space for a older child to stand. We have tested the trolley and got very positive feedback. The parens experience Sitt&StandCart as a wonderful trolley that creates controll and a pleasent visit on the store.

AirCart AirCart is a airport trolley with two sittingplaces for younger children and two standingplace for older children. AirCart eliminates damage which is normally caused when children fall while sitting on the luggage. AirCart increases a pleasent visit on the airport and security. ..


LiftCart from LiKolo AB is developed by engineers, contructors, industrial designers and most of all the future users and customers. LiftCart holds two patent, trademark, patternprotection.

LiftCart has patented solutions to ease shoppingtours for ever more demanding shoppers, that is to say us families with little children.

LiftCart has a liftfork plate where a babycarriage rests steady from its wheelaxels. Therefore a baby can continue sleeping in its familiar enviroment in the stroller. LiftCart also has a standing place for older children between LiftCarts handle and basket. The parents do not have to anymore lift their children into shoppingcarts baskets.

When no babycarriage needed LiftCarts forkliftplate can be use to carry bulky objekts like buildning material, dogfood bags, carpets etc. By placing bulky and heavy items on LiftCarts plate contributes this for more ergonomic lifting.

LiftCart serves your current customer but also invites new. Invest already today to offer your customers a complete shoppingexperience!

During LiftCart development hold we close childrens opinion about the trolley. Specially children that are standing on the footplate. Children give honest opinion and are therefore demanding "opinion leaders". Children have shown our development team how important it is to listen to there opinion also, specially when they are the ones using the footplate. Children experiece the footplate a lot of fun, they feel taller and more so that they feelt that they are "in control" of the trolley. This contributes that children are happy during shopping and parents can shop efficiently and spend more time in the store, comments Kristiina Starck



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